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As we go through life, we pick up various knocks, sprains and strains. Usually our bodies bounce back, but sometimes we don’t recover fully and the way we sit, stand or move around can change. It’s these changes – we call them compensations – that can cause problems over time.

This is why, when you come to us in pain, it’s important to get to the root cause – so we don’t just help you get better, we help you stay better too.

By looking at the way your body moves, we can identify the problem areas and by adjusting your joints in these areas we can help relieve pain and improve mobility. Our ultimate aim is to get your body working as well as it can – so the problems don’t return and you’re able to make the most of life.

Our 3 step approach allows us to understand the cause and deliver effective treatment...

1. Consultation - book a New Patient Consultation. After completing a short online questionnaire, one of our Chiropractors will call to discuss your suitability for Chiropractic care and answer any questions you may have. 

2. Examination and Report of Findings - your chiropractor will examine you and explain what is wrong, together the root cause and a treatment plan, specific to your needs.

3. Treatment - if agreed, your course of treatment will commence and further appointments confirmed. 

You're on the way to Getting Better and Staying Better...!

To book online, email: or call 01952 242596