Massage encompasses a number of techniques performed by a Sports Therapist

Sports therapy utilises a range of techniques to help treat a variety of conditions which affect people day to day, not just athletes! This includes massage, stretching, tool assisted soft tissue release, and rehabilitative exercise. Sports therapy is complimentary to regular chiropractic care; when the two are combined, patients obtain the best results in both pain reduction and improvement in everyday function. Below are a list of modalities your sports therapist may use when treating you:

Massage is a form of soft tissue manipulation aimed at reducing and rebalancing tension of the soft tissues of the body. This includes muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (a type of connective tissue that encases other soft tissues). This includes both Sports massage and Swedish massage. Sports massage is a deeper massage aimed at treating injuries which have arisen out of trauma or overuse. Swedish massage is a gentler massage aimed at relaxing body and mind.

Mobilisation is a general term for the use of movement in achieving muscle relaxation. There are three main types. Stretching focuses on gently relaxing tight muscles either through static holds of oscillating movement. Joint mobilisation focuses on restoring normal joint movement by reducing restriction in specific joints through movement. Myofascial release utilises a ‘pin and stretch’ method to help alleviate strain in muscles and the surround connective tissues.

Tool Assisted therapy might be used during treatments to assist with relaxing or encouraging healing in specific body areas. This can include: hot stones, taping, machine massagers, and fascial scraping tools.

Rehabilitation may also be offered to aid your recovery. These exercises be prescribed as ‘home work’. You may also benefit from instructed rehabilitation in which case a course of care will be suggested for you.