Prepayment plans

Initial Course of Treatment - this is available to individual New Patients and offers a 10% discount for an initial series of 6 treatments.   £297

Subsequent package of 6 - this is available to individual patients and offers a 10% discount for 6 treatments.      £297

Friends and Family - available to all patients to use individually or share with 'friends and/or family' and offers a 10% discount for 12 treatments.   £594

Terms and Conditions

1. The Initial course of 6 treatments must be paid in full at the first treatment of the series.

2. The series of treatment must be concluded within two months, for the Initial course of Treatment, Subsequent Package must be used within one year and one year for the Friends & Family plan.

3. Any fee increase during the lifetime of an individual Prepayment plan will not be applied.

4. Should, for any reason, at either yours or our instigation, the full series of treatment not be completed within the relevant time frame, the balance owing will be calculated as follows.  The total amount due will be re-calculated, as if the prepayments plan had not been taken and any balanced returned.  e.g. F&F plan stopped after seven treatments. £385 due (7 @ £55/treatment) result in return of £112.

5. Packages are not available to children under 18 years of age.