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Shropshire Shockwave

Professional Fees

Effective October 2019

Initial Consultation and Examination £45

New-Condition Examination Fee £30

Children Under 18 Years less 25%

Shockwave-Chat - a complimentary 10 minute pre-assessment discussion. Free

Treatment and payment plans

We offer 2 treatment plans - T&C’s apply*

1. Acute Condition (Under 3 months): Including your initial series of 3 treatments, at home exercises, and a 3 week follow up appointment. £180.00

2. Chronic Condition (Over 3 months): Including your initial series of 6 treatments, at home exercises, and a 6 week follow up appointment. £360.00

3. Subsequent Packages: If required, your chiropractor may prescribe additional packages of care to fully recover. These will be charged as above.

Please note…

Late cancellations and missed appointments - these deny others care and increase our overheads unnecessarily. A minimum of one working day is required for cancellations/alterations - we reserve the right to charge when this is not provided.

Why not take advantage of our reminder service - just ask reception.

*Payment plans Terms and Conditions

  1. The Initial course of 3 or 6 treatments must be paid for in full at the first treatment of the series.
  2. Any fee increase during the lifetime of an individual Prepayment plan will not be applied.
  3. There is no refund for missed appointments or late cancellations which are not re-booked the same week
  4. Packages are not available to children under 18 years of age.